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Aquascape Pools and Spas Inc, a swimming pool contractor in Citrus Springs, Florida. Servicing Citrus County, Marion County Crystal River, Lecanto, Inverness, Beverly Hills, Homosassa, Hernando, Citrus Hills, Dunnellon, Inglis, Floral City, the Villages & Tri-County areas.


This business is not BBB Accredited.

The nightmare we have gone thru since contracting with Greg Helton of Aquascape Pools and Spas. We are senior citizens on a fixed budget and have been taken for $140,000.00

Frank Holland brought over the contract for us to sign on 3/8/2022. As of today, OVER 114+ weeks, and 2+ years later, on 05/17/2024 the pool is still not complete on a contract for a 12 week install. 2+ YEARS LATER AND THE POOL IS STILL NOT COMPLETE OR DONE CORRECTLY.

Now they are trying to infringe on our First Amendment rights regarding this site and our attempt to tell the truth about this company so they can not do this to anyone else. They are also trying to extort monies from us for attorneys fees for a pool that is still not complete and charging us more to complete it. Just look at the pictures.

SCREW-UP # 1: The county inspector didn’t show to inspect before the initial pour and allowed Greg Helton to submit pictures to him via email. He let it pass and the pour was completely wrong. Spa was 5 inches off line with the pool. Step into the pool is wrong. Steps inside pool are wrong. The entire pour was wrong from the start and the county is taking no responsibility and naturally Greg is taking no responsibility either.

UPDATE: 6/20/2023, We are on week 76 and the pool is still not done. We are a year and a half into this fiasco and still can’t use our pool. The contract says approximately 12 weeks start to finish. We’re going on 77 weeks now and it’s still not done.

UPDATE: 6/21/2023, The screen contractor contacted us today looking to collect for the screen enclosure because the check he received from Greg Helton, the so called owner, was no good. We have a copy of the check given to him by Greg stating the screen contractor was paid in full as proof of release of lien. Yet another lie.

UPDATE: 7/1/2023, Pool still not complete. Numerous items are wrong that can’t be fixed and no attempt is being made to rectify the issues or compensate us in any way. Today we received a notice of lien and as usual he has the figures all wrong. He just makes them up as he goes along. The guy simply has no business being in business. BEWARE!

UPDATE: 7/4/2023, Finally got the pool up and running after over 60+ weeks. (Supposed to have been 12 weeks per the contract.) Turns out the umbrella holder for the sun shelf somehow got hooked to the plumbing system so we have a fountain on the sun shelf that we don’t want or need instead. It literally destroyed the reason for the sun shelf in the first place. He told my Wife, he decided we didn’t need an umbrella stand so he changed it. Totally incapable of admitting his mistake. Clearly in the plans yet another massive screw-up. The steps into and inside the pool are completely wrong as well. It is almost impossible to get back out of the deep end and back out of the pool. Both screen doors were supposed to have a slab of concrete for the entrance. We got, nothing but dirt. He just never installed them. I guess he decided we didn’t need or deserve them. Kinda like the umbrella stand so we had to hire someone to put them in. Good job Greg! Pool is still not correct and or complete.

UPDATE: 7/11/2023, Our neighbor noticed that garbage and pool construction debris had been dumped conveniently behind our work shop and on his property where nobody could see it being done. Typical trash, bottles, cans, food wrappers and pool coatings, cement the works. Naturally he wanted it removed so guess who got to clean it up? Yep, I had to. To date, we spoke to this guy on 10/12/2023 and he said he’d be out to clean it up. As usual with these guys he’s still a no show as of 04/24/2024

UPDATE: 7/21/2023, The pool coating is flaking off the bottom of the pool in big chunks and the sides are turning a putrid shade of God only knows what color of green. It’s supposed to be midnight blue. The coating people have not responded to their employees dumping their waste in our neighbors yard so I doubt they will care about the coating in the pool. The seating in the spa is all crooked and looks like a kid built it by hand out of mud. My Wife is in tears yet again. This was the biggest mistake of my life.

UPDATE: 04/03/2024, 104+ weeks now and the pool is still not done. The pool is completely off line with the house. When looking at the pool from the rear, the entire pool base and wall is completely off line with the house. See pictures below.

UPDATE: 04/03/2024, No permits were pulled for the solar install (Done by the paver guy Frank with no experience on our brand new 20K roof we had installed just for the pool and solar.) and no permit for the screen cage either. The solar is leaking again, we have had it repaired 3 times now at our expense naturally.

UPDATE: 04/04/2024, Pavers are collapsing (Sinking) on the deck due to the ground not being properly settled and leveled prior to install. We also have huge areas where standing water collects and leaves residue due to the deck not running the rain or pool water to the drains due to the entire deck looking like waves on the ocean. We are having to hire a contractor to fix these issues at a cost of about $15,00.00 the spa, steps and umbrella stand simply cannot be fixed at any cost.

UPDATE 4/15/2024: We are unable to register any of the pool equipment, filter, heater, chlorinator etc because it was not professionally installed. The MFG will not register it if it’s not. We also have no paperwork for any of the pool equipment to do so anyway. No operating manuals, nothing at all. Just another example of the horrible mess this pool is and the lack of any semblance of professionalism.

If you make the mistake of contracting with this clown show of a company, God help you. The workmanship is horrible, the professionalism is nonexistent and months go by and they simply don’t do any work until he needs more of your money. Everything is a lie and you pay for excuse after excuse with completely unorganized, ignorant mistakes, one after another.

See for yourself: Better Business Bureau Reviews Google Reviews Revdex Reviews


We looked at this for over a year!

Let's take a swim in this beautiful pool!

The original pour was wrong from day 1. Steps into pool and into the deep end are completely wrong yet clearly on the plans. Spa is off line by over 5 inches. (See pictures) Weeds growing several feet tall because no work is being done for months at a time. At this point it’s been over a year and we are still nowhere near having a pool. I am building this website to try to stop Aqua Scape Pools & Spas from doing this to anyone else. BEWARE!


Spa completely misaligned. Just look how far off we were. Now that's craftsmanship right there folks.
The spa is 5 inches jacked out of line with the pool. So his grand plan was to just grind down the outside to make it square, yet the inside is still 5 inches off square. The entire pool needs to be torn out and redone. Everything is WRONG and he refuses to even admit any responsibility!
Relax in your new beautiful spa.
Glass of wine and a relaxing heated spa. Aqua Scape Pools & Spas, swimming pool & hot tub service nightmare.


Waited 3 months for pavers because “We can’t do anything without them.” (We were so far from needing pavers the lie was almost comical.) Pavers finally showed up, yep, you guessed it, they ordered the wrong pavers. He actually ordered the wrong pavers! Just another in a series of critical mistakes to come. We finally got the right pavers in and then they sat for several more months, because we didn’t need them yet!

Finest quality pavers installed to perfection.
So what if the spa is off by 5 inches? It’s only a $140,000.00 pool.
Attention to detail. Your pavers can look this bad too. Give us a call.
Just look at those clean paver lines. Professionalism at it’s finest.


Deck and paver perfection.
That’s close enough right? This area is a massive puddle most days, black and green.

The deck looks like waves on the ocean. Nothing is level, nothing is square. It looks like a kid built it. Today, 04/03/2024 the pavers are sinking around the spa and all across the back deck due to the ground not being properly prepared prior to laying the pavers. Not a single professional working on any crew.

POOL: The pool is completely off line with the house.

Pool offline, screen cage correct.
Pool install completely wrong.
The entire thing was wrong from day one and he never cared and still won’t admit any responsibility, yet he’s the so called contractor.
Filter Control.
$140,000.00 Pool and this is what we got for our money! It boggles the mind how little they care about quality workmanship.

BEWARE he will only speak to you if he needs more money. He does not inspect any work. EVER!

If you would like to leave your horror story about Aquascape Pools & Spas in Citrus Springs FL. and if you have been coned by this company please feel free to contact us. We will gladly publish your horror story as well.

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