This is the beginning of the worst nightmare of my life!

Just look at that step into the deep end. It’s impossible to get back out. The steps are all wrong and the spa is 5 inches offline with the pool. No need to fix it, let’s just keep going!

Where it all went wrong!
Let the nightmare begin.
And we come to a complete stop for 7 Mos.
Pool main drains full of rock, trash and mud for over a year.
The filter ssystem is still unable to run properly due to the trash and mud.
Skimmer issues.
This is a brand new $140,000 pool and this is what we got.
Professional tile work.
$140K and this is what we got. All the tile looks like this. Every one of them.
More tile perfection.
This is what the entire pool looks like.
Quality Tile Work.
Can you believe this is what they call finished?
Paver work by  pros.
Watch your toes on this one!
Let's take a swim in this beautiful pool!
Quality workmanship.
Relax in your new beautiful spa.
Glass of wine and a relaxing heated spa.
Dumping Services.
The actually dumped all this on my neighbors property.
More Dumping free service.
Total lack of professionalism.
Totally disrespectful.
Solar Heating.
He actually had the paver guy install the solar on my brand new $20,000 roof. BRAND NEW!
You'll love our craftsmanship and attention to detail.
The finest stone work and pavers professionally installed by anyone who will work for practically nothing.
Quality is job none!
Just look at that quality workmanship and those precision cuts.
Professional paver installers.
Sure the spa was way off but just look at the paver guys solution. Jack em all up!
Attention to detail. Your pavers can look this bad too. Give us a call.
Just look at those clean paver lines. Professionalism at it’s finest.
They Screwed Up The Spa So Bad They Had To Re-do It 4 Times.
Trash Everywhere For Over A Year.
Granite Spillway.
Granite Spillway Before.
Granite Spillway After.
Granite Spillway After the acid they put on it. This is what it looks like today. Totally destroyed.
Granite Spillway After.
Granite Spillway After Acid. This was what we paid 140K for.
Granite Spillway Before It Was Acid Fried.
Granite Spillway After They Acid Fried It Adding Too Much Acid To The Pool..
Pool Main Drain.
Pool Main Drain Completely Filled With Garbage and Dirt. To this day the filter system is spewing sand and clogged.
They actually wanted to put the rock back on this the third time. Luckily my Wife who had to manage the entire project, (Because nobody else was.) Made them smooth it out.
Professional Filter Control Install.
Professional $140,000.00 Filter Controls.
Filter Control.
$140,000.00 Pool and this is what we got for our money!
Pool Coping.
Imagine paying $140K and this is the finished product.
Quality Workmanship.
This just screams professional to me.
Screen Install.
That’s Good Enough. They thought we’d never notice.