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Rivo Rivo 3 months ago

Very unprofessional. My pool has cracks and did not even level out the dirt! the owner is very creepy, I would watch your children if you have any!

Todd Brown a year ago.

Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

What a nightmare! Project was supposed to start in September so I checked and was told we’re good to go. A couple weeks out, I check the permit status myself and find out it is not approved and they didn’t even bother to check when I was told we were good to start. The county had questions on the grade school plan they uploaded, then had questions regarding the outdated engineering plans they submitted. Left a mess for weeks, mountains of dirt, caved in the side of the pool that needed to be fixed, finally poured concrete but so badly, I needed to chip some away to do the pool coping and pavers, had an inexperienced team hook up the water lines, screwed up the chlorinator install, took another few weeks to install the water bonding lug after pressuring for weeks, never responded to requests for final inspection, and still have a mountain of dirt to dispose of. Closed out the permit with the county on my own since they wouldn’t even respond. Horrible communication, poor planning and zero cares for their customers. This was supposed to be a quick and easy process and left paver ready. FAR from paver ready and just a mess.

Service: General pool construction.

Cheryl Mintz.

Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

READ every word in his contract… very bad experience, never fixed ALL his mistakes, never called back when I would call him, worst experience of my life. I had to pay other contractors to fix all his mistakes, he left with a horrible mess in my yard cost me thousands to fix his mess and years to have the pool built. DO NOT USE! Do NOT let him cause you a headache and ruin your yard like he did mine. He didn’t pay the pool cage guy after I gave him the money to do so and the pool cage guy tried to put a lien on my house. Greg with Aqua Scape is unethical and should not be in business.

Services: Spa & hot tub installation, Design, Custom Swimming pool design.

Lce Graphics a year ago.

Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness.

Before you contract Aqua Scape Pools or any Florida contractor, go to the Citrus county and Sumter county website and check building permits for the builder you are considering. They are public record. Then call or write the people listed in both counties. They will tell you all you need to know about the pool builder you are considering. I learned the hard way. I hope others have better success, but what ever you do, don’t hire this guy.

Services: Pool Design, General pool construction.

Bob Holman 4 years ago.

Did not perform as expected and took 5 times longer than needed to do the job. Worked 1 or 2 hours and did not see them for weeks, even months at times. Very sloppy, left pool and lanai doors a mess, trash everywhere, no respect for our property.

June Brower 3 years ago.

The ongoing delays, on their part, of my refurbished pool lining and deck has turned a 4 week project into over 6 months and still not completed. Total disaster.

Carlo Ferrante 3 years ago.

Gave Greg 40k and my job is not complete. It’s been a year. They take your money and never do any work.

Judy C

1 star


This is a terribly unprofessional and dishonest company. The original contract was signed 6/2020 and this is 3/2021 and it is still incomplete. They botched the sand filter, one of the drains at the bottom of the pool isn’t working, and 10,000 gallons of water leaked out the first time it was filled because they left holes in the pool. We have phone call records where we called many, many times to resolve issues, but they do not call you back. They lie… they tell you they will be there then they hide from you. The last straw is when they said we could pay a screen enclosure to enclose our pool and let them out of the contract. This company is not honest enough for us to do that. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY.

Reporter 3495858

I would like the pool contract to be completed (door alarms and stucco on the back of the water fall) and inspection/permit satisfied.
We have been under pool construction since NOV 9, As of today, July 2, the pool has not been completed to our satisfaction and the final inspection not done. Overall, the owner Greg appeared to be nice person; however, now we are just tired of dealing with him as he doesn’t answer his cell phone when we call, return our calls in a timely manner or not at all. He had told us he’ll be coming over and he never shows up. We have used text messaging, called him by phone and emailed him trying to communicate to him (all been saved) that we want the pool and final inspection completed. I have been more than patient waiting for this pool project to be done and so have my neighbors. The lack of communication and concern from Greg (which appears to be an ongoing issue with this company) has been the main source of frustration for both my husband an I.

Reporter 2549436

Pool has been under construction for over a year. Contractor has missed multiple completion dates and more often than not doesn’t show up on promised work dates. The concrete deck walls have no footers. The concrete is chipping, crumbling and flaking. The pool shell is full of stagnant water that contains mosquitos, frogs and smells bad. The contractor has missed the last two promised dates to work on it since the deck was poured.

  1. We advised you according to the estimate that we were not satisfied with the results of the covering of our lanai.
  2. You failed to fill in the low spots as per the estimate
  3. left a mess in my pool which I had to have help with cleaning out
  4. my pool cleaner has not worked since cleaning the pool
  5. my pool pump is now making strange noises
  6. my lanai was covered with material from the coverings of the pool.

I informed you of my dissatisfaction of the low spots that was never properly taken care of in the initial process. You agreed to rectify the problem and started repairing the low spots.

Since then you have only been here sporadically with the promise of finishing the project in a timely matter.

This process has been ongoing since August, 29 2016 in which minimal effort has been applied to my lanai. There seems to be no willingness on your part to finish what you’ve started in a timely manner.

You texted me that you would be here on a certain date and time and never showed up, you arrived here without notifying us and have ignored my texts for days without regard to my schedule.

Hopefully you can rectify this situation in a timely matter prior to having to seek legal representation. I’m sure both of us would be much happier if this were to happen.

As a professional I would expect that you would want to do a professional job in a timely matter to ensure your reputation.

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Initial Complaint

04/10/2023 Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service Status: Unanswered

We signed a contract 5/3/22. Have Aqua Scape pools & spas Inc. Greg H***** 19,396.00. During months up to October we were told so many lies. That they got the permit his Salesman John A**** shows us in July he was at the county getting it. Little did he know we saw he was lying he was at Lake County not Marion County. As time went on we kept asking if permit was done we were told yes all done it went through engineering. Well permit wasn’t. It wasn’t issued until October 18, 2022. But they dug October 10, 2022. Our contract has a screen cage included with our inground pool. We have given him $83,383.00. As of beginning of January nothing has been done. We got our shell, decking, part electric and plumbing done that’s it’s. It’s been abandoned by Greg. Next step was our pool cage as I’m contract but he says he can’t find no one. Well my wife searched Marion County we live in and he has pulled permits after ours completed their pools with cages too. Then jobs almost done with cages he pulled this year in February. I have called him texted him several several times no response. My wife has too. He threaten her and blocked her number. Then the electrical that wasn’t finish his sales man John A**** said Gary the employee of Aqua Scape will finish it. He has no electrical license. When I told John I even have his text said OK it will be that much later. He threaten my wife about getting a lawyer but we did. We are in the process getting his permit terminated. Now to get our pool finished we have been quoted $39,000,00. We only owe him 14,457.00. Contract also stated it would be completed approximately 12 weeks after it was dug. It’s April 10, 2023 how many weeks over. Then top it off we mention about the garbage that was in our yard from them. They came picked it up and went down the road and dumped it illegally. Also he states he has 4 or 5 offices. I questioned an employee of his. He said no he don’t. He has no offices. I drove by a few addresses they are a homes.

Abel P


Let me start by saying that, one star is way above the rating that they deserve, but google does not let you give 0 stars. From the beginning of the process I should’ve done better research about this company, They charged a deposit and later send you the invoice so you don’t know what is your and their liability before you pay them. Tammie ********** is the lady responsible to coordinate the blueprints that need to be submitted to the Building Department in order to pull a permit, but unfortunately she has no sense of urgency and even after missing big time the date that the prints were supposed to be delivered, she does not feel apologetic or makes up excuses that make no sense. After setting the appointment for the pool to be delivered on March 11th at 1:30pm I hire five workers to make sure that the pool was going to be set professionally and also I hire a crane that it is a special crane an very expensive and needs 24 notice of cancellation. Well to make a long story short, the delivery truck broke down the day of delivery, I could not give 24H cancellation notice to my crane guy, I had to pay the guys that were working and waiting for the pool and I have called Ms. Tammie **********about about 20 times and no answer. I was told the owner was going to call me back and he is nowhere to be found. At this point I am 20K in the hole with no swimming pool.


Melissa S. FL


  • Build or Install an In Ground Swimming Pool

I am currently having a HORRIBLE experience with this company. I do not recommend them at all. They are really nice at first when they want your money, but then it all goes right out the window. We signed a contract in September 2022. I gave them a down payment and they have been sitting on it ever since. When they actually respond to me, I get fed line after line that is not true. They claim they submitted the permit application in October 2022 but the county lost it. However, each time I followed up from October to December, I was told it was in progress and they would have it soon. On February 28, 2023, the permit actually got filed, but with expired plans. I have been stern and straight forward in my contact with them and now they are completely ignoring me, forcing me to file a complaint with the licensing board and other agencies. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt based off of some reviews, but now I am regretting it. Do not put yourself in the situation that I am in right now by hiring them. You will regret it!