My email to Greg:

Date: Tue, Jun 20, 2023, 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: Concrete receipt for pool shell.
To: Greg Helton <>

Funny how we only ever hear from you is when you want money.

Issues with the pool that are un-resolvable:

1. Per the contract, 12 week install going over 57+ weeks and still not complete.

2. No show for weeks and months at a time.

3. Pour was wrong from day 1 and you knew it.

4. Pool step is wrong. You should have stopped right then and inspected but you did nothing.

5. Spa was off over 4 inches and you hacked it up to make it look right and it’s still a ridiculous mess today.

6. You ordered wrong pavers then said we couldn’t do anything without the pavers and when they finally arrived they sat in my yard for Mos.

7. Wrong pool interior color ordered when we told you time and again it was to be dark. We were never given a choice in the matter, shown samples or anything of the sort. Then you try to rip us off for $800.00 for your screw-up.

8. Curing issues still going on today and we were never given any info on how to treat it. Gary even told us we could swim and the pool service company said “it still, today, is not fit to swim in.”

9. No paperwork or manuals on any and all equipment.

10. Plumbing is a mess and looks like a child did it.

11. Trash everywhere for over a year.

12. Horrible workmanship overall.

13. Disrespectful, unqualified laborers. One day some kid sat out here for hours playing with his phone and did absolutely nothing. We even filmed it. The crew you sent to fix the spa was almost comical with their total lack of any semblance of workmanship or knowledge and it had to be redone yet again.

14. Everything is a lie with you. You never do what you say you will and you never even cared enough to inspect the work being done.

15. Complete and utter unprofessional from day one.

16. A yearlong mud pit with weeds growing 4 feet high.

17. You tried to pad 8K to the final bill.

18. You tried to overcharge on the automation bill.

Let’s face the facts Greg; you violated the contract too many times to list. We are simply fed up with your incompetence and ignorant excuses.

His response to my missive:

Greg Helton <>

Tue, Jun 20 at 1:44 PM

There were definitely issues with the pool and we’ve corrected them and fixed them all. I won’t argue with you on any of the issues that you brought Up. We fixed all the items on the punch list that Vxxxx wanted done. We agreed upon doing the extra added work and paying for the labor portion for the automation. And she agreed to pay the final payment upon completion of the automation. Its also had the final inspection done at the county . I didn’t cut any corners on fixing any mistakes on your pool or complain about it. I just wanted to make it right so you guys would be happy I apologize that the job Didn’t. get done more timely But in the end. I think the job Turned out beautiful. And I will stand behind it with warranty on all workmanship. I will give you an extended warranty If Needed. My main concern is getting the screen contractor paid for his part and doing whatever else. I need To do. to keep you guys happy  going forward

My response to these flat out lies:

So far nothing has been fixed or even addressed. Just another lie to get more money. As you can see from the pictures, corners were cut, the pool looks like Hell and is simply not worth half of what we paid. $140,000.00

In the end he did a hideous job and he’s simply not qualified to have a license.

Be sure to check back soon for the thousands of text messages we sent trying to get him to do the job we paid him for.