Value is nonexistent. There simply is no value to this shoddy work.

I will post pictures of the entire fiasco you can expect when contracting with AquaScape Pools & Spas in Citrus County Fl and here’s a little taste.

Let's take a swim in this beautiful pool!
Quality workmanship. Weeds growing because no work has been done in months.
Spa completely misaligned. Just look how far off we were. Now that's craftsmanship right there folks.
Spa not aligned with pool. Off by over 5 inches. Who’s going to notice that? Spa completely off center-line. Just look how far off it is. No way to fix it. That’s just what you get from Aqua Scape Pools & Spas.

I paid 140K for this beautiful pool from AquaScape Pools & Spas of Citrus County Fl.

Here is a pool we never completed but we got paid 140K to build. Let us know if you'd like one too.
Attention to detail and always a clean and neat work area.

You too can expect this quality workmanship from from Greg Helton owner of Aqua Scape Pools & Spas. Yep, you’re very own 140K mud pit and spa.

Relax in your new beautiful spa.
Glass of wine and a relaxing heated spa.

Nice and level and he hires only the finest yahoos at the cheapest rate he can get.

Level? We don't need no stinkin level!
We insure every corner of your deck is a flood zone so you don’t have to.
Deck and paver perfection.
That’s close enough right? Going to be a bit of a puddle in this corner when the screen goes in sometime in 2029 I think. Some of Aqua Scape Pools & Spas finest work.
Perfect pavers every time.

OOps. Those don’t match. Oh well, too bad. We can’t be responsible for paver colors Sir. With Aqua Scape Pools and Spas you get what they give you and like it.

Attention to detail. Your pavers can look this bad too. Give us a call.
Just look at those clean paver lines. Professionalism at it’s finest. What? It’s almost close, and with Aqua Scape Pools and Spas close is simply good enough for you! Besides, you cant see it from Greg’s house anyway. At only 140K, the pavers and spa are just a little off. Who cares? Nobody will notice.
You'll love our craftsmanship and attention to detail.
What? You wanted the rock to match? That’s extra Sir. Seriously, who would do something so idiotic?
Quality is job none!
Just look at that workmanship. And you thought your kid wasn’t talented. He might not be able to spell but he sure can cut rock!
Finest quality pavers installed to perfection.
“We’re just learning how to do this Sir. Your next pool will be better we promise and I won’t be drinking then”. So what if the spa is off by 5 inches?
Coping job done to perfection.
“Let go of my ears! I know what I’m doing”. Well maybe not. When you’re good, you’re good and as you can clearly see Aqua Scape Pools and Spas clearly isn’t.
Professional paver installers.
Sure the spa was way off but just look at the paver guys solution. Jack em all up! The homeowner will never notice and they’ll just be glad we finally did some work!
Now that’s professional work!

Professional tile work guaranteed.

Professional pool tile work.
That’s just good enough for 140K.